My (not so much sale) shopping…


We went to London yesterday whilst my husband went on a brewery tour (a Christmas present from friends) I decided to brave the shops and get me some bargains. Although I love a bargain I am terrible at shopping for them. I try and get enthusiastic rolling my sleeves up to elbow my way to the rails but when they look a total jumbled mess I can’t get excited.  I find myself looking lovingly at the new items gleaming from the well organized, beautifully displayed rails.

Even the most stunning designer handbags look like something from a car boot sale if they are thrown together looking grubby on a shelf. I know that the psychology of displaying sale items is to pile it all up to make them look like a massive bargain that you Just can’t not buy. But this just doesn’t work on me, which is a surprise as I am a retailers dream being a shopaholic. Although its probably the reason that I am a shopaholic that it doesn’t work.

I love the whole experience of shopping, the excitement of finding something I instantly fall in love with. The thrill of finding that one item that is going to make me look stunning or make my life perfect (yes I know I’m idiot).  If the item is then beautifully wrapped and put in a cute bag all tied up with a bow then I am in shopping heaven. So this is why sale shopping has no appeal, fighting through badly displayed items, standing in sweaty queues and seeing my purchases thrown in a red sale bag just doesn’t do it for me.

Getting back to my shopping trip yesterday I did go with the intention of sale shopping but as per usual I was seduced by all the non sale items. In all fairness I did know that I would be making a trip to Charlotte Tilbury’s new boutique in Convent Garden which would consist of me having to hold myself back from buying the entire store!  As I don’t live near any shops that sell her make up I have to stock up when I am in London (this is my good excuse) .

I couldn’t resist her make up look “Rock Chick” which  is going to make me look instantly like Kate Moss. The kit consists of everything you need for your eyes, lips and cheeks all wrapped up in her cool make up bag with instructions to create the look. (and then put in a box with a bow and then in a cute bag) I also purchased the gift of goddess skin set which has three of her travel sized skin care items goddess clay mask, magic cream and wonder glow. I haven’t tried any of her skincare so I thought this was a good way to give it a try and handy for Traveling.  The last item was her retoucher concealer which I can’t wait to try as heard so many good things about it.

FullSizeRender (6)

My other purchases were from my trip to Anthropologie another store I can only shop at in London. I love love love this store after my very first visit to it in New York in 1998!  I have been on the look out for some pretty coasters for our lounge, to protect our Ercol coffee table.  Their celestial coasters are pure shimmering  gorgeousness and pick out the accent colour in our lounge. I then couldn’t help myself with a necklace purchase the Alexandria brass and vintage gold necklace with taupe leather is so pretty.


You would have noticed the necklace and ring above which was another non sale purchase (I know I can’t help myself!) These were a surprise find in Top Shop. I haven’t been in Top Shop for a few years, I couldn’t help but feel too old and not being a size 6 too fat to shop in there. It was pouring with rain yesterday so out of shelter and curiosity I entered the large Top shop on Oxford street. I was very surprised to find they had a great jewellery section. I feel in love with the Ottoman Hands jewellery collection and had to fight myself from buying more than these two pieces.


So there you have it not one item was actually in the sale, but I do love each and every item and they came beautifully wrapped (even in Top Shop)