If the shoe fits….


I have always loved shoes, I can’t help myself its an addiction.

In my twenties I wore a lot of high heels which killed my feet. It was a running joke that no matter what shoe I would wear out shopping I always had to buy a new pair as my feat would hurt.

So now that I have hit the big 4 0 (yes it still kills me to say it) I have finally got my shoes right.  My current go to shoes for winter have been three different pairs. I may wear these three a lot but it doesn’t stop me having millions of pairs in my wardrobe that I can’t bear to get rid of!

  1. Adidas Superstar Originals white and black. I know I am late to the party with these but I truly love wearing them. Especially with my ripped black skinny jeans and oversized jumper. I also have them in all black and to feed my addiction I’ve ordered the holographic ones too.


Images from Pinterest

2. Ugg black Abree suede zip up boots They are so comfortable as well as stylish. They are tight on the leg and have the side zips, they look alot smarter almost like a chic biker boot. Again they look great with black jeans and also black trousers.


images from pinterest

3. Mint Velvet grey suede tassel ankle boots. I have quite a few of mint velvets ankle boots as they are so comfy and perfect for work. I didn’t have a grey pair and these are a perfect shade. They are also on sale at the moment (typical I bought them at full price!) Not only do they look great with trousers or jeans for work but I also like to wear them with dresses.


images from pinterest

As I said before I am adding to my Adidas collection but I am sure I will want to also add to my Ugg and ankle boots.

What are your favourite winter shoes?