What the hell happened? 

So I turned 41 yesterday, yes forty bloody one! How the hell did that happen?  Where did my twenties go was I drunk for the entire of it? 

I still feel in my twenties totally clueless, still loving cocktails and shopping. The difference now is I have a husband and a mortgage (and my nightclubbing days are over) 

Instead of binge drinking on a Friday and Saturday night followed by throwing up with a banging head on a Sunday, we go out to dinner or have friends over/go to friends houses. (Maybe that’s why I’ve got so fat!) 

I met my husband when I turned thirty (he’s five years younger than me yes I’m a cougar) so I forever feel old. I have been blessed in that I have always looked younger ( that’s me above at aged 18….) but when you hit the big four zero it’s hard not to spend hours in front of the mirror obsessing over wrinkles. 

I am at the awkward fashion moment in that I don’t want to dress like a 60 year old stamp collecting hiker (no offence I’m sure you are rocking your zip up cardigan, waterproof trousers and sensible walking shoes) but I also don’t want to look like madonna either 

I’ve been reading a lot of forty fashion blogs at the moment and those woman look hot (in the fact that they look like 6ft models). I’m 5ft 2 and let’s just say not a size 10 ( a bit higher up the chart) . I love their style but need to get me one of my own I just don’t what it is yet………

Here are a few of my forty fashion fav blogs 





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